News from the 4th quarter of 2017 - 2018

A child empowered

is a future transformed.

Over 300 of our
students came together
to change the law

The annual Bal Parishad - a cross between model UN and Zilla Parishad - is one of the many ways our Super Army programme gives students the opportunity to participate in changing society. At this year's Bal Parishad, over 300 students proposed a tobacco-free future and engaged with a panel of government workers to lay the groundwork for it. We have seen their suggestions turn into policies in the past; we have no doubt that they will effect change once again. Read More
This year we saw more girls in our sports academy, and fewer stereotypes.
Our sports academy has more girls than ever before. The number of girls in our hockey team went from 29 last year, to 68 this year. The number of cricketers rose from 46 to 88. And our newly introduced soccer academy opened with 40 eager students. At Salaam Bombay, we use sports training to ignite ambition, courage and independence in girls who were brought up to be obedient and docile. This is why, we organised a hockey and football event on International Women's Day. Many of these children grew up hearing 'Girls can't play'. We were more than happy to give them a chance to silence the naysayers.
40 girls can now increase their earnings. And their chances of staying in school.
On International Women's Day, Salaam Bombay gifted professional kits to 40 of its best students. The kits included everything they would need to work part-time as beauticians or electronic repair experts. The girls were part of 400 who attended our skills programme. While the Indian government offers skills training, it focuses on older women. Our mission, on the other hand, is to ensure that teenagers have the skills to work part-time, so that they can support their education and their families without dropping out of school.
At the LMC tournament,
our team got the cup, and a whole lot of confidence.
Salaam Bombay Fighters won Little Masters Challenge (LMC) 2018 - a tournament packed with highlights. In attendance were over 1,000 people, including members of the national women's cricket team. An alumnus, Ambrika Yadav, returned for a friendly match against our sponsors, Concordia International. And 100 of our dance academy students surprised the audience with a flash mob. What we are most proud of is the confidence our students gain from such opportunities to shine. Seeing children who once lacked self-esteem and direction, standing proud and victorious, at one of India's most iconic sports venues - Brabourne Stadium.
105 children ran the Mumbai Marathon, so thousands could stay in school.
At the Mumbai Marathon on January 21, five students from Bombay International School (BIS) joined our students - a cheerful group of 100, wearing masks, carrying musical instruments, and sporting costumes that showed the academies they belonged to. The aim was to raise awareness about the importance of skills training for underprivileged children, at one of Asia's largest marathons. And they couldn't have done a better job. By the end of the marathon, our five young supporters raised` 9,28,000. Enough to ensure that thousands of children could stay in school, and run towards a more promising future.

Quick updates

At Kala Ghoda Festival 2018,
our alumni returned as our fiercest ambassadors.
Our former theater students used their talents for a good cause - educating
the masses on tobacco-control through a street play at Mumbai's most
popular art festival.


Students from our media academy used their work
to inspire children like them.
At the 2nd media academy exhibition, our students proudly showed over
1,500 BMC school students that children from the slums can write articles
and click photographs that will be published and seen by thousands.

The future depends on children. And the children are counting on us.

In a country where 8 out of 10 children drop out of school by the 8th grade,
90% of Salaam Bombay children are confident about their future. That's the power of helping them
discover their potential. This year, we need your help to reach out to over 40,000 children.
To donate or learn more, visit: salaambombay.org